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Dirty Kids

Developer: 3d Pioneer Systems, Inc.
1.41 usd

“Never have I ever seen such grimy children! Now, here's a job that must be done!” ­ M. PoppinsThe original Baby Care Games ! An Interactive story for kids to Help dress, dry, and clean !
Have fun in the park with your friends! But be careful not to get too filthy or you'll upset Mum. And then you will have to do the laundry, peg your clothes out to dry and iron them! By the way, don't forget to have a bath and brush your teeth.
An entertaining game for young children. A collection of mini-games for plenty of guaranteed fun:
- Create your character from thousands of possible combinations ! ! ! - Dress up : Dress him or her up as you like: there are very many clothes to too choose from- Bath Time : Give your character a bath using natural products- Teeth Cleaning : Have fun washing your character's hands and brushing his or her teeth- Get nice and dirty at the playground- Play with the interactive washing machine- Peg your clothes out to dry but make sure it doesn't start raining!- Dress up the baby after the bath- Get all you need and start ironing- Play Mommy & Baby Care Games- Dress up the baby after a shower
A familiar environment, home and everyday activities like bathing and doing the laundry, turn into an interactive game for spending some quality time together!
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